The Magical touch of dance in your life…

What is dance?

In the internet “it’s a movement in a rhythmic manner to music, typically following a set sequence of steps”.

According to people “it’s just moving your body to the beat”.

But dance is not just a movement in your body, it moves your soul from bad to good, it lifts you up, it gives you the opportunity to break-free from the hardships and from a painful past. Dance makes you feel alive hale and hearty and energizes you to move ahead in life with a positive attitude.

Prabhu Deva, the king of dance, explains that dance is a pure thing that happens between emotions and physical movements. Everything changes.

This is the moment where you can feel the bliss and be carefree from all the worries and disheartening in life. Life is a precious gift. It’s our responsibility to protect it from all possible troubles and regularly give it a new outlook in order to move with the changing world simultaneously. So why not dance? Dancing never goes out of fashion… It actually helps you to live a more refined life with a touch of magic in your soul.

People think of dance as another career builder, or fitness freak but those are just a part of the benefits that you gain from dancing. It’s way more than that. It’s a feeling, joy, a moment of happiness which no one can steal it from you if you have the passion towards it. Dance as if nobody is watching over you! Feel the magic!

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