Is dance a fitness fighter?

Dancing links to fitness. I can be 100% sure of it because I myself have experienced a satisfactory change in my life and a healthy conversion. 

I have been dancing all my life but at a certain point I began to be a bit clumsy and so I gained weight and was finding it difficult to even carry out a small task. I was too lazy to complete it. So I didn’t even initiate it. But as I saw the change within me and the difficulty I faced, it struck my mind that hey! stop being lazy and move forward, accomplish your goals and to do that you need to be fit and healthy. And so my dancing session was restarted.

I’m not saying dancing is the only way to keep yourself fit and healthy. No. There are many other alternatives. Dancing is just one aspect. But it’s quite effective. Even if you don’t know to dance gradually dance itself would bring you to a point where you would just be amazed by looking the way you’ve improved in it. 

Mostly at the beginning it would be hard, because dancing is also like exercising right, so you need to put more effort and make sure you do it properly for better results. If not it’s going to take decades and decades for you to even come closer to the word fitness… So step up your game and fight for it.

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