Lesson for Life…

How many of you are honest?

I’d bet you would all give the same answer – I am

But actually are you honest?

We say honesty is the best policy but do we even follow it?

Well, it’s a tough job but not impossible. It’s hard to be honest all the time but that doesn’t mean dishonesty could take the place of honesty. That’s the time where silence comes in play.

“Silence speaks for honesty”. Have you ever felt a burden in your heart or mind, your heart being heavy?

Dishonesty kills the power of your personality. Being dishonest might keep you safe and help you get out of any problem but it does not stop following you.

Now you have to take a step forward and make a decision – “Are you ready to carry a heavy weight for your entire life or get rid of it?”

Don’t always try to find the easy way, sometimes the harder path teaches you more important lessons for life.

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