Make some Sense…

Have you got sense with you? Can you buy it? What is the rate? From which store? 

These are the dumbest questions on earth. Sense is something that is not available at any store or something that you can purchase for. Sense should come from you, your life, from your behavior, from your speech. It’s only you who can bring sense to life.

No matter what you do, it should have a meaning to it. You should be sensible enough to understand that sense comes from the way you live your life. “Think before you talk”. This proverb can be heard more often by senior citizens and even great leaders. It has a broader meaning to it. It’s not just a proverb. It’s an important advice. Always remember, this world is not a fairytale. It’s filled with thorns as you move ahead in life. So you need to be careful of what you do and how you do it. Make sure that each step you take has sense in it.

The world judges you by how you live, what you say, what you do. It builds your personality, and sense plays a major role in it. So before you take each step think twice and make sense ‘cause the world wouldn’t think twice before judging you.

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