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Shakespeare quoted that “If music be the food of love, play on”. Music is known as a universal language in the real sense of the word. It’s a tonic for every emotion in between and also a lifeline for our harried and hurried souls. Melodious strains can calm down ruffled nerves and help us forget our worldly worries.

If an alien visit us, music is likely to be a better language for communication. With the planet becoming a global village and people spreading their wings to countries far away, music too has travelled and assimilated. There are a number of outstanding creators of music who have gained immortality by striking the right chord with music lovers then and now. A piece of music written today may still be performed and enjoyed 1000 years from now. This is the power of music.

It could break the dark silence of people with busy lives and bring them alive by helping them to absorb the fragrance and feel the excitement, compassion, love and magic within it. So now it’s our turn to decide on how we are going to utilize the enchanting music in our lives to make it brighter, lighter and refreshing.

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  1. This is a very interested post👍👍.The value of music is incalculable. According to my view, music is a medicines.

    1. Thank you for commenting… Appreciate it!

  2. Music is the common language tht every human being could understand and express their feelings in such way like I expressed. Just one year of music journey I learned alot and people love that. Much happy tht I’m a musican too now….

    1. That’s very thoughtful…

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