A Friend in need is a Friend indeed…

How many friends do you have? Do they all care for you? No matter what happens in your life do they be with you? Friends are easy to make but hard to hold them back. One needs to put countless efforts to build a strong bond with another person who can be called as your friend for life.

There might be numerous friends around you but there might be just one friend/s who truly loves you, cares for you, protects you and believes in you no matter what you do. At times he/she shares multiple relationships; act as a protective parent, caring brother/sister, encouraging teacher and most above a trustworthy friend.

The specialty of that special friend would be, fighting with you all the time, annoy you, make you smile even when you’re in jeopardy, and normally best friends are really good at advising  because they know you better than other normal friends of yours or maybe even better than anyone on earth. A best friend would never even dream of harming you in any way, rather protect you as a bodyguard.

There’s no gender issue to friendship. What’s more important is the trust you have for each other. It’s good to have many friends in life but not all play the roles that I’ve mentioned above. If there’s a friend who does all that for you, that’s it, you’ve just found your best friend; A friend that’ll be with you through thick and thin all your life; treasure it.

When the world thinks you are a loser it’s your best friend who’ll still believe in you and stand by your side forever. Friends are very important to life. But there are a few friends who become very special to you and close to your heart that you would never ever want to leave their company. Protect them, respect them, and care for them. Don’t lose them, there are very rare. Once you find it don’t ever let it go.

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