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                                                                                           “1250 Facebook friends

                                                                                             588 Twitter followers

                                                                                             743 Whatsapp friends


                                                               Outside the ICU he had only his wife, children & his parents                                                                                                                                      For whom, he never had time to spend.


                                              Dear Friends, Move out of the imaginary world & spend some time with your


This story is so touching and genuinely true that I had to include it to give this message a deeper look.

I reckon almost every person in this planet is connected to social media and possess virtual friends as the technology has reached to great heights in advancement. At present we have the ability to connect with people around the world and create a bigger platform.

We always converse, entertain our virtual friends and try to keep them in our contact, chat with them for hours & hours per day, update our photos, information, and give them importance in our life.

But what about the people around us? Don’t you think the time you spend chatting is the limited time that’s taken from the time you have to spend with your closed ones? Time flows. You never know what happens. The time you give to your virtual friends decreases the time you have to spend with your family, your loved ones. Is it fair?

Think for a minute, when you fall ill, or have some kind of problem, whom do you have with you? Are your virtual friends going to come just to be with you? If you have friends around the world are they going to think “Oh no, my friend is in a bad situation, I need to be with him/her?” It’s only your family who is going to be with you. So give them more importance and cherish them in your life.

It’s good to have virtual friends, but don’t make them your priority than your family. At the end, you’ll be left only with your family for whom you had no appreciation for being with you at first. First spend time with the people around you, who are in front of your eyes, your family & then you can give your excess time to your friends in social media.

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