Can dance ease the world from pain, agony and suffering?

Dance is a form of art. It’s a spiritual gift. It helps define what life is. In my perspective, dancing is the best remedy for me where I can express my feelings, emotions and nevertheless, it is my stress relief capsule. It helps me to outlook life in a more positive manner and upkeep a positive attitude while eliminating all negativity.

If you are at an uncomfortable, pathetic situation I believe that dancing could be the real player in the scenario, where you could revive your life back and make it even more interesting and fill it with excitement. According to my experiences based on dance, pain is just a word but nothing else. Dancing actually heals you mentally and physically from where you could commence an absolutely refreshing life. Suffering is led by a course of actions.

It could be that you are upset because of your closed ones, or mentally down, being harassed or bullied by people, or just fed up with everything not knowing the real meaning of life. Why? Why do people think from one side? You need to always remember that even a coin possess two sides and it is important to reflect the other side as well. It would then refine your life in a more soothing manner and bring you back from devastation to enrichment.

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