A ray of HOPE…

We all are human, we are not perfect. We make mistakes, we stumble, we fall, but we do rise again. That’s life. But unity is what’s important. Have you heard this story?

One day a professor gave each student a stick and asked them to break it. The students broke it very easily, they didn’t have to even put much effort. But then the professor gave 5 wooden sticks together to one student and told “Now try to break it”. The student did try hard but failed.

This story is quite simple and very effective. It clarifies unity. Unity between humans can do wonders. When there was 1 stick, children easily broke it but breaking 5 at once is equally hard. Similarly, breaking one person is a piece of cake, so why being alone? Why not being united? Let’s get together and strengthen our unity just like the wooden sticks. That’s my friend is where the power lies on, your weapon.

PAIN! Pain is something we never wish for. We always attempt to evade it. But think about the people who are in pain… They never wished for it. They even tried to but could not. Just because you are in pain doesn’t mean that you should give up. It’s time for the people who are in pain to join the unity club and believe that PAIN actually requires POSITIVE ATTITUDE IN NEGATIVE SITUATION… Don’t feel down, sad or defeated! PAIN, SUFFERING, DISTRESS can easily break a man. Don’t fall weak. Let’s be united. Let’s walk into a ray of hope…

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