Don’t Miss the Catch…

‘I wish I had a second chance! Can I just get one more chance to live life in a more refined way?’ Questions, Questions, Questions… We have varied questions about life. However, life doesn’t halt for us to find answers to the questions that’s in our mind. Some do get this opportunity, because of let’s say LUCK, but not everyone is fortunate enough to experience this.

That’s why our PARENTS always advise us to live life meaningfully with no regrets. We should shape our lives according to our means so that in return it would hold significance to us. Life is a one-time opportunity. It’s not a like closet where we change our outfit if we are not satisfied. We have only one life and in that you need to live it like a free bird holding no grudges…

In our childhood we obey, respect our elders sometimes due to fright, family principles or unconditional love. But what happens once we grow up? Some remember their virtue but some tend to live a life that’s completely different to what it was. People might consider it to be easy & classier, modern but have you thought about the consequences? These may join the wrong track that ends with destruction.

Even this can be categorized into two; there can be people who have changed but for a worthy cause not forgetting their decency… That’s maturity! But only for a worthy cause not for human destruction where people consider it to be a worthy cause. No. Don’t ever live with the misconception that life will give you a second chance. It might but isn’t it better to live properly the first time? Think about it.

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