The ship of Relations…

Relationships play a major role in our life. As people say, ‘it’s difficult to handle but still you need to have it’, it is what it is… It’s indeed very hard to satisfy relations especially due to the different ATTITUDES.

However, it’s not that bad to have them in your life. People are anyways different from each other and some are even not tolerable but still we need them. Why? Why do we need to have relations? ‘It’s so annoying to be with them’, ‘we just don’t gel well’ and more complaints…

The answer is ‘we need to learn to socialize with people in order to live a better life’… ‘Okkk now that’s weird’ this can be your next dialogue.

We can be successful on our own feet and we might not even need help from anyone, but still the world moves on and if we like it or not we need move with it. Relations can be the source that could help us to make that move. It’s not that if you don’t have relations, you can’t survive, NO. You can. If you have the courage, passion, determination for success you could even move a mountain my friend. Success is yours.

You enter the world through your parents, you see the world through the eyes of your parents, you learn the world through your parents. Then you move out and see the world beyond their perspective and that’s when you might need your relations. It’s not a survival pin but not as bad as we believe it to be. We just need to focus on what’s more important and go on.

Understand your responsibilities and move ahead, maintaining relationships is also a heavy responsibility which we need to undertake.

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