Am I a Fitness Freak?

Addiction cause mental and physical disorders. It’s known for its hazardous effects. Therefore, being a fitness freak is not something that I would suggest. It’s good to be engaged in healthy activities and improve your vitality but no matter how much the task is important you should never overdo it.

That’s what we are taught of, from our childhood. That we should never overdo any process. Then is it actually harmful in partaking in activities that are meant for fitness? Absolutely not. We should go through it but not excessively which would lead to negative consequences. When we are addicted to possess a perfect fitness in life, that’s when we pressurize our body in numerous ways and eventually end up in experiencing various medical conditions that are injurious to health.

So we should always be aware of what we are doing and to which extent we should continue it and avert the freaky situation.

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