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“One voice, One step, One movement could make a Difference…”

…The journey begins from a little girl named Tiara who had the perfect life with her family, friends, relations and loved ones, all around her. She couldn’t ask for more. A smile was always visible on her face with the hope of having an adventurous, fun life ahead. But she was too dependent on everyone she knew.

Tiara never had negative thoughts in her mind nor anger, hatred for anyone as she was more into helping one another and spreading happiness along the way. But she little knew that she was about to have the worst experience in her life.

Tiara had a very happy childhood though. She used to be the center part among everyone who loved her immensely. Her friends used to fight with each other to be her best friend as Tiara was in the good books of everyone.

Friends… Friends were everything for her. Keeping them happy, helping them in any circumstance was the biggest priority for her in life. She did have funny moments with her friends.

Once she almost tasted a stinky sock of her friend who was about to put it in to her mouth as Tiara was showing off her singing skills by being an opera singer, almost breaking the glass windows in the room… So embarrassing!

Tiara was named as the ‘Naughty tom boy’ in class. She was so famous in school that each & every person knew her by her name (even the teachers & the principal). But her friends couldn’t digest the fact that she was being so loved by the mentors. They gradually began to accuse Tiara for things she didn’t even knew, they created rifts and treated her badly.

Tiara was heartbroken. She was like ‘what suddenly happened?’ The one who was so happy in life was now regretting for it. Slowly, slowly everything turned to be quite unpleasant. Tiara was bedridden for 2 long years. She was under severe depression. Only her family was there for her. Her friends for whom Tiara had once treated as her own siblings were now far away from her. Tiara couldn’t complete her education. 

However, she was not left alone. Day and night her family was putting maximum effort and pushing hard to bring Tiara back to normal as well as to help her find her self-confidence.  

Tiara was motivated by seeing her closed ones trying so hard to bring her back to her zone. She made up her mind and thought of cooperating to what was happening to her. Regular exercises, meditation and proper medication supported her in finding her confidence back. Tiara and her family were overjoyed to see the improvement within her body and mind. She started to listen to her inner voice and was determined to make a difference in her lifestyle.

“One voice, one step, one movement could make a difference”… This slogan represents the life of Tiara and the difference she had adapted to. Life is not always what you want it to be. It’s full of surprises. Tiara was not expecting the huge blow in her life. But she had to go through it.

The morale of this story is Tiara overcame the situation regardless of what people were saying with dedication, determination and passion. It’s good to be helpful, kind and giving but up to a certain limit. We should learn to listen to our inner voice and take a step for it could make a difference in our lives. 

“Don’t let your attitude overpower your personality…”

InspireX Team

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